The image shown above is a screen shot from an iPhone of the WI Mobile Map home page with a 

World Imagery base map.  The red triangle in the middle of the screen is the location of the cell phone.  The triangle moves as the map user moves.

Tapping on each respective icon activates the feature.

Working clockwise from the upper left hand corner of the screen:

    Tapping on the magnifying glass icon opens a box into which a location can be used using the pop up keyboard  Press enter or return and a list of locations appears.  Tap on a location and the map moves to that location.  Tap on the up/down arrow displayed in the right end of the box and enter the latitude/longitude of a desired location.  Press enter or return and the map will move to the desired location.  Tap on the small x and the box closes

Screen Icons:

    Three blue lines - Taping on the three blue bars opens a window , the features of which are

             described in another article. 

    Ruler– measures distances and areas on the map. 

    Compass – returns map northwards.  

    Plus sign - Zoom in.  Can also use a reverse pinch with two fingers.

    Negative sign- Zoom out.  Can also pinch with two fingers.

    Pointer – Displays current location of the user.

    File folder - Displays open maps and projects stored on the device. 

    Inverted drop - Tap on it to create user defined objects such as points, lines, shapes, and photos.

    Person walking - Tap on it to record a track or to record the perimeter of an area. 

                Same tacking function as a hand held GPS device.