Tapping on the three blue lines accesses the main menu.  

From the main menu the user can access various settings without leaving the current map.

The current map is noted with a blue check mark.  Any user created objects that are open are also noted with a check mark, including the open base map.

Tapping on the + Add at the top opens a screen that lists Data, Maps, and Gallery across the bottom. Tapping on Data displays user's custom layers (points, tacks, etc.).  Tapping on Maps displays the mobile maps downloaded to the device.  Tapping on Gallery displays photos taken by the user as one of the object options noted in the screen icons article. 

The blue check marks denote the open map file and the open basemap. The screen shot above shows that the WI Mobile Map is active and the basemap is the World imagery.  Tapping on Change basemap will open a screen with the basemap options.

Tapping on the three vertical dots to the right of the the checked maps offers a number of features:


    Zoom to amp


    Reset layer visibility

    About map


Tapping on Legend opens a number of screens that describe the multiple layers within the map.  The layers can be turned on or off by taping on white dot.  Blue means the layer is active.  The grey arrows indicate sub layers.  The color or symbol of each layer is displayed next to the name of the layer.  At the top on the screen taping of the white arrow opens the previous screen.

Tapping on Settings, as shown in the screenshot, displays options such as measure units, map controls, map icons, and coordinate systems. 

Tapping on Help opens a website that displays a 65 page PDF which describes all of the generic CarryMap functions.