This article will explain the basic features that are displayed/accessed when a spot on the mobile map is tapped.

The screenshot below shows the WI Mobile Map zoomed in to 1000ft as indicated by the scale at the bottom of the screen.  The screen shows a red polygon labeled with an A, for Aspen, and 2006 over 79.5.  The label indicates a 79.5 acre cut, harvested in 2006.

Tapping on the cut noted above, displays a Pin and a pop up as shown on the screenshot below:

By sliding the gray bar at the top center of the pop up, the latitude/longitude coordinates are displayed.  Tapping on the up-down arrow to the right changes the coordinate format

Tapping on the small horizontal dots slides the screen, displaying additional details about the Pin's location

Just below the horizontal dots are four symbols:

    Zoom to object, when tapped, returns user to Pin on Map page.

    Use as a destination, is used to navigate to the Pin from the user's current position. A campus is         overlaid on the screen that points to the spot tapped on the screen. The distance (as the crow flies)     is displayed at the top of the screen

    Create an object lets the users create their own layers such as tracks (similar to tracks recorded by     a hand held GPS), draw a line between two points, and outline the perimeter of a cut.

This video shows how to mark a location on the map (save a waypoint):