First device:

  1. Open the state map (current version) within the CarryMap app version). Download the current version onto your device before you can access the data LYR files you want to transfer to the other device.
  2. From the state’s main screen, tap on the 3 parallel lines.
  3. Verify that the data screen opens, if not click on the data menu at top of screen
  4. To transfer one LYR file at a time, click on the three vertical dots to the right of the file name, select share, select mail, send it to an email address that can be accessed on the new device
  5. To transfer all the LYR files at one time, tap on the box with the check marks inside it located just to the right of Data at the top of the screen.
  6. Tap on Select all at the bottom of the screen.
  7. To the right of My data (Default.gpkg) tap on the three vertical dots and tap on share and send them to an email address on the new device.

Other device:

  1.  Open the email and tap on the attached file
  2.  In the pop-up window, tap on the CarryMap icon
  3.  Open the map into which you want to view the LYR files
  4. Tap on the three blue lines
  5. Tap on +Add, on the Data screen note the LYR files
  6. Tap on one of the files to add to the map
  7. Tap on the three vertical dots next to the added file 
  8. Tap on Zoom to layer (note the scale as the map may zoom too far in to see the point.  Zoom out as needed